Recorder reporter tries yoga for the first time at A Fine Balance in Upminster


As part of the Recorder’s campaign to try and get people in the borough more active our reporters are trying a number of different sports and activities that might not come straight to mind when you think about doing exercise.

Reporter Liam Coleman spoke to yoga teacher Hannah Noble who said that she hopes her new studio - A Fine Balance - in Upminster will help encourage people to take time out of their busy days and take part in a class that can improve both their physical and mental states of mind.

For anyone who like me has never tried yoga before and doesn’t really know much about it - it is a combination of strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

As a first time Yoga-goer I was a little apprehensive of what it would be like, was it going to be full of “yummy mummies?” Was it going to be too hard? Was I going to overstretch and hurt myself?

So as I rolled out the yoga mat in front of me and took off my shoes and socks I was still a little nervous about whether I would embarass myself, or would I look like an idiot but after some gentle stretching and breathing exercises I really started getting into it.

We were walked through the importance of breathing, and using our breathing to help us relax and focus on positive thoughts.

By Liam Coleman, Romford Recorder