What is the Barre fitness trend?


What is the growing Barre fitness trend?

Ever wanted to try out the intriguing Barre Fitness exercise but not known where to begin? A course is the best way to introduce yourself into any new excerise regime - with A Fine Balance in Upminster offering a six week course perfect for developing these skills. As one of the first studios in Essex to introduce Barre, there's no better place to start your fitness journey than with their brand new course.

What is Barre Fitness?
A dynamic and fun fusion of Pilates, Ballet and fitness aiming to target the legs, bum, thighs, abs and arms - a full body workout. 

Why take a course?
A course is a great in-depth way of learning a new fitness type, with every level of fitness available. This specific Barre course will build lean muscle and develop the correct alignment when targetting muscles. 

The new six-week course will be launching on Saturday 30th March.

Hannah Noble, Founder of A Fine Balance in Upminster, spoke to Exquisite about the fitness trend and what they offer: "As one of the fastest growing fitness trends, we wanted A Fine Balance to be one of the first studios in Essex to launch Barre classes.  We offer a number of Barre classes, workshops and courses each led by an experienced teacher. Barre is a dynamic fusion of Pilates, Ballet and fitness. It is a fun, all body workout using the Ballet Barre. 

"These classes help you to build lean muscle through strength training, isometric holds and circular movements for mobilisation. You will be pulsing, squeezing and toning your entire body."

For those interested in trying out this type of exercise, Hannah says: "Expect upbeat music and interesting choreography to keep your body engaged. Barre is for every gender, age, background and level of fitness. It is easy on the joints and can be made as hard (or easy) as you want it to be."

Visit: www.afinebalance.me/timetable

By Emily Mertens, Exquisite Concierge