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Hannah Noble

Hannah trained as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with Yoga London in 2016 -17. She offers intuitive, dynamic and invigorating practices to enhance wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

She has since completed her Yin Yoga Teacher Training and 170 hour Meditation Teacher Training with Swami Saradananda. to complement her yang-style vinyasa classes.

She is a firm believer that yoga brings a deep sense of wellbeing that translates into our everyday lives. She is on a mission to make yoga accessible to enable as many people as possible to reap its benefits.

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Sarah Rossi

Sarah began her yoga journey with an interest in health and fitness. After completing her science degree in Toronto and going through her second bought of cancer, she was determined to deepen her knowledge and explore various avenues of physical and mental wellness.

Sarah tried her first yoga class in 2006 and was captivated by the idea of awareness through movement. Inspired to share the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga, she completed her 200 hour teacher training with Yoga London.

Through mindful movement and conscious awareness of the breath and body, her classes support and encourage students in finding strength and space in their body while creating stillness in their mind.


Nikki Williams-Quamina

“In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body” Joseph Pilates.

Nikki has always loved Pilates! She specialises in HIIT Pilates, Classical Mat and Barre. She is also a Midwife and holds a Pre and Postnatal Exercise Qualification.


Caroline Brown

Caroline is a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher and a Lifecoach that specialises in reducing stress and anxiety to help people find balance. Her style of teaching focuses on moving the body through creative sequencing, letting it seamlessly flow from pose to pose, using the breath as a guide. A focus on self-care and self-worth present the opportunity to practice mindfulness and kindness, whilst stretching and creating a lightness in the mind and body. Expect to feel lifted, relaxed, calm and balanced.


Cory Sydee

Cory is a Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga Teacher who has been practising yoga for more than 3 years. Cory is also a nutrition student with a passion for improving people's health and happiness with yoga and food. Cory's classes are suitable for all levels and there will be something for everyone to find it challenging but playful and enjoyable; yin classes are much softer with Cory teaching a meditative, relaxing yet still energising class.


Suzi Power

Isle of Man-born Suzi has been teaching yoga since completing her 200Hr RYT in India with The Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2013. Her love of vinyasa developed initially whilst studying at university and then continued to grow and help her through some challenging times whilst working as an actress for a number of years.

It was through self practice and teaching fellow performers that she realised her passion and enthusiasm for teaching yoga.

Her thirst for knowledge has since propelled her towards many further trainings, most notably with The Yoga People and David Kyle who have been and continue to be a huge influence and inspiration.

She loves nothing more than spreading the amazing benefits of this practice and igniting a fire in her students for all things yoga.

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Anna Reyburn

Anna discovered Pilates five years ago and instantly loved the way it made her feel, both physically and mentally.

She practices it whenever she can and genuinely misses it when she can’t; for her, it has become a way of life.

Anna is passionate about the huge benefits exercise has on wellbeing and believes pilates is one of the best forms of exercises to integrate the mind and body.

In order to spread this message, Anna trained for two years with Polestar and now has a diploma in mat pilates. Her classes are dynamic, fun and focus on correct alignment. She want clients to leave class feeling stronger, more energised and with increased body awareness.


Michelle Spencer

Michelle is a 200 hr trained yoga instructor, who began her yogic journey 15 years ago.
Along the way she’s connected with yoga’s many benefits from relaxation, to recovering from depression and even with helping in the birth of her two children.

Michelle was a primary school teacher for 20 years where she brought her passion for yoga to her own students in her popular Yoga Club. She looks forward to sharing her passion and knowledge of yoga with you.

Michelle found a connection with the beauty of Mandala flow yoga. Mandala means circle
in Sanskrit and Mandala flow yoga is the practice of poses flowing from one to another whilst moving in a circle around the mat. She loves how it allows you to focus on yourself and forget about what others are doing in the class. Each week, her Mandala flow class will focus on a different element allowing you to connect with what your inner spirit needs.

Shanel 3.

Shanel Nolan

Shanel started her yoga journey back in October 2014. She was looking for something to help stretch out her muscles to support her running. She attended her first yoga class and was hooked from the very first class, yoga has now become a part of her everyday life; both physically and spiritually.

She has since completed a 200hr Anusara immersion and teacher training course at London’s Triyoga with Bridget Woods Kramer. She is now registered and recognised by Yoga Alliance professionals.

She likes to incorporate relevant themes into her classes and focus on the breath with movement. She likes to flow with grace and open the heart to life’s endless possibilities. She believes the mind is just as important as the body therefore likes to bring attention and stillness to the mind in her classes.


May-Ling Foo

May-Ling started her yoga journey in 2010. She was instantly hooked to how it made her feel physically and mentally and over the years she started to explore other styles of yoga, primarily vinyasa.

As her passion grew, she wanted to share this passion with others and decided to start her yoga teacher training. In April 2017, she joined the first intake of the Frame 200hr Yoga Teacher Training led by Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong.

She loves to offer her students balance by offering a dynamic, yet calming practice, making sure to share some yoga wisdom to take away when off the mat. She always aims to make yoga accessible to everyone, by breaking down poses in an easy to understand manner, encouraging students to further explore in their practice.

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Victoria Rayment

Victoria began her yoga journey in 2015. She loved how it made her feel, both physically and mentally - and soon realised she wanted to share her passion with others. After a five-week trip to India during travelling, eating the food and learning about their culture – the motherland of yoga! She knew it was the place to complete her yoga teacher training.

After returning home, she decided to take the plunge and journeyed back to Goa to complete her 200 hours teacher training with Ashtak Yoga School with Dr Gaurav Malik. Gaurav holds a PhD in Pranayama and studied yoga for 10 years in the oldest yoga university in India. The time she spent there was truly a life changing and rewarding experience which she will cherish forever.


Puravi Joshi

Puravi graduated from a 200 hour training course in August 2017, over an intensive month period. This allowed her to solidify her self-practice - key when instructing a class and putting together sequences. She teaches Vinyasa Flow and can cater for both very new beginners and advanced students, mixing up and linking asanas from the primary series. She likes to keep the essence of the practice on the breath and letting go of the ego, whilst also incorporating positive energy and some fun.


Kate Bishop

Don’t be fooled by her smile-she will work you hard! Kate was a complete ballet obsessed bun-head as a little girl and spent most of her teenage years perfecting her tendus in deepest, darkest Essex. These days you can catch her teaching STOTT Mat Pilates, Reformer, Boxfit, Spin, Ballet, Barre, Belly Dance and HIIT pretty much all over London. Kate’s classes are energising and guaranteed to leave you sweaty but smiley! She looks forward to working with you at the Barre or on the Mat.

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Zara Khan

Zara undertook an Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher training in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal in 2016. Her passion in life is body work: strengthening, balancing, stretching and building up stamina. As a teacher, she is mindful of the ever changing nature of the human body as well as the musculoskeletal differences from one person to the next. She provides an atmosphere where people can practice safely, whilst also giving them the courage to challenge themselves. She enjoys creating sequences that work a variety of muscles to provide a balanced practice and incorporates elements of guided meditation and yoga philosophy into her classes.