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Love Your Pelvic Floor: A Yoga Workshop

  • A Fine Balance 173 Saint Marys Lane Upminster, England, RM14 3BL United Kingdom (map)

Gift yourself the time for this workshop and come explore the role the pelvic floor plays in our daily lives. You will leave with tools to develop your pelvic floor muscles and a deeper understanding of one of the most fundamental aspects of your female anatomy.

One-third of women suffer from one or more pelvic floor disorders, which include symptoms such as the frequent urge to urinate, dropped pelvic organs, and incontinence. Women.

In France, women after birth are given pelvic floor rehab classes as part of normal post natal treatment. Yet, in the UK it is pretty much not talked about.

Proper strengthening and stabilising of the pelvic floor helps to create the correct foundation of each movement in the body. This is the true meaning of "core work."

This workshop will focus on:

  • The role of the pelvic floor and pelvic girdle
  • Yoga poses, posture and the use of the breath to support a healthy pelvic floor
  • How to identify, isolate and engage with your pelvic floor
  • What you can do to create a strong, flexible, active and supportive pelvic floor.

Michelle will teach you what you can do in your daily life to efficiently and effectively develop your fundamental core support, your Pelvic Floor.